Gourmet Coffee Roasting

Gourmet Coffee Roasting

Torrefazione Caffè Gourmet

Following to a 30 years experience in my family’s Company, I established the roaster firm TORREFAZIONE CAFFE’ GOURMET in 2002 at Imola, well-known city for international motor-sport, world leading industry of ceramics and, last but not least, a secular tradition of gastronomy. World champion wines and oils of olive are produced in its rich soil, where cooking tradition consists of countless recipes that have been handed down for centuries. In this land of “Gourmets” a big coffee culture has grown thanks to the passion of some coffee roasters who with such a demanding market could not help searching the best possible standard of quality.

In 2011 the Company moves to new modern premises where I may expand the range of products and offer a better service to the customer by preserving the best roasting techniques. New TORREFAZIONE CAFFE’ GOURMET is 1300 metres from the motorway exit of IMOLA, about 25 km from Bologna on the road to Rimini. Very important food and beverage trade-shows take place in the area, namely in Rimini (S.I.G.E.P. and M.I.A.), in Bologna (SANA) and in Parma (CIBUS).

The premises include the BOTTEGA DEL CAFFE’ GOURMET, a specialised grocery that offers, besides our fine coffee, also a rich choice of premium tea, chocolate and typical home wines. You may easily visit us by appointment, experience the coffee processing and taste our best Espresso. We will then be very pleased by offering you our products accordingly to you needs and give you our best advices.

You will be assisted in English, German, French and Spanish language.

Please contact us by telephone at (+39)0542 640621 (or e-mail to info@torrefazionegourmet.it) and be our welcoming guests.


We may define a “GOURMET” he who is able to appreciate the quality of food by testing it, and can find out all good and bad tastes. I set the name of the Company on advice of a friend who cultivates fine coffees  in South-America, because this name mirrors my own philosophy, which consists in suggesting and spreading not just a “simple” coffee, but a whole of art, culture and passion that I reckon being the base of a premium product.

Art, since it is necessary to be an artist in order to sort the best raw material and to process it until the consumption. Culture, knowledge-wise, from the skilled coffee-farmer to the bartender, who is in charge of grinding his coffee blend at its best and careing the equipment he is using. Passion, which means extreme care of all the steps (the quality chain) that precede the tasting of this tiny work of art, namely the original ITALIAN ESPRESSO.

The GOURMET COFFEE concept is based on mountain farming, hand-picking, processing and sorting by the finest techniques. After that, only a slow and delicate roasting, air-cooling and wise blending  will result in a coffee cup featuring the right balance of aroma, body and mildness. Still now, after practicing so many years, the taste of my new coffee blends produces great emotions to me.

Tobia Asioli



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